For Grantmakers


Corporate Giving

  • The Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College
    The Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College is a leading resource on corporate citizenship, providing research, executive education, consultation and convenings on citizenship topics. Their mission is to establish corporate citizenship as a business essential, with the goal that all companies act as economic and social assets by integrating social interests with other core business objectives.
  • Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy
    The Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) is the only international forum of business CEOs and Chairpersons pursuing a mission exclusively focused on corporate philanthropy.
  • Business for Social Responsibility
    Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) provides information, tools, training and advisory services to make corporate social responsibility an integral part of business operations and strategies.

International Giving

Philanthropy News

  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy
    The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a periodical about charitable giving.
  • Philanthropy News Digest
    Philanthropy News Digest provides a compendium of philanthropy related articles and features from print and electronic media outlets nationwide.
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review Stanford Social Innovation Review shares substantive insights and practical experiences that will help those who do the important work of improving society do it even better.

Family Philanthropy


  • Alliance for Justice
    This is a national association of public interest organizations spanning a range of issues, including civil rights, social justice, and consumer and environmental protection. The Alliance promotes a fair and independent judiciary and strengthens public interest advocacy. The Foundation Advocacy Initiative (FAI) is project of the Alliance that addresses barriers to foundations funding nonprofit engagement in public policy work through workshops, technical assistance, and plain language publications.
  • BoardSource
    Board Source is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations by strengthening their boards of directors.
  • Center for Effective Philanthropy
    The Center for Effective Philanthropy is a nonprofit research and educational organization whose mission is to provide foundation executives and trustees the management and governance tools needed to define, assess, and improve overall foundation performance.
  • The Communications Network
    The Communications Network promotes communications as an essential and integral component of grantmaking by providing leadership on the strategic role of communications in philanthropy, enhancing the communications capacity of grantmakers and offering grantmakers the services and resources to communicate more effectively both internally and externally.
  • Council on Foundations
    The Council on Foundations is based in Washington and supports the work of grantmaking foundations and corporations worldwide.
  • Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers
    Comprised of the nation’s regional associations of grantmakers, the Forum network promotes expanded, effective philanthropy by enhancing the capacity of regional associations.
  • Foundation Center
    The Foundation Center conducts and reports on extensive research in the field of philanthropy.
  • Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
    Grantsmakers for Effective Organizations is a community of grantmakers working to define grantmaking practices that improve grantee performance.
  • Guidestar
    Guidestar is a free database of information about nonprofit organizations.
  • Independent Sector
    The Independent Sector is a national forum focused on nonprofits and philanthropy.
  • Nonprofit Law Resource Library
    The website contains legal information about nonprofit and foundation issues.
  • Urban Institute
    The Urban Institute gathers data, conducts research, evaluates programs, offers technical assistance overseas, and educates Americans on social and economic issues.
  • Philanthropy Roundtable
    Philanthropy Roundtable is a national association based on the principles that voluntary private action offers the best means of addressing society’s needs, and that a vibrant private sector is critical to creating the wealth that makes philanthropy possible.
  • Better Business Bureau: Accountability Standards
    Accountability standards set forth by BBB for evaluating charities