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New giving data strikes optimistic note

2013_giving_usa_book_cover_imageIndividual donors continue to power gains in charitable giving, with overall contributions approaching their pre-recession high, according to annual Giving USA data released this week.

“While this has been a particularly slow recovery, many charities are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” said L. Gregg Carlson, chair of Giving USA Foundation, which publishes the report.” Donors are increasingly more comfortable giving to the causes they care about and at a level in keeping with the impact they would like to make.”

The report showed an increase of $9.69 billion by individuals in 2013. Giving by foundations rose an estimated 5.7 percent, the third consecutive annual increase.

In all,  U.S. individuals, corporations, foundations and bequests combined to contribute more than $335 billion, up 4.4 percent, to charitable organizations last year. 

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Report: Foundations key source of stability during challenging economies

  • June 9, 2014
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The Foundation Center has released a preview of its forthcoming report estimating overall U.S. foundation giving set a new record of almost $55 billion in 2013, even after adjusting for inflation. The forecast predicts foundation giving will continue to grow “a few points ahead of inflation” in 2014.

The creation of 11,000 new foundations – some of them large – since 2008 helped boost the overall giving, according to the preview of the “Key Facts” report.

The Foundation Center notes overall U.S. foundation assets fell by 17 percent in the 2008 market decline. But foundation giving dropped by only 2 percent the following year. That’s because some foundations held giving steady (or reduced their giving by far less than the decline in their assets) by increasing their annual payout rates.  “The takeaway: foundations are an important source of stability during challenging and volatile economic times.”

The full report will be available in the fall.

From the government? Here to help

We weren’t sure what to expect when Secretary of State Scott Gessler gathered together a group of leaders focused on strengthening the nonprofit community in Colorado.

Gessler, whose office oversees Colorado’s nonprofit sector, called the August 2012 meeting to find out what nonprofits needed most. We spent several hours at the Tivoli Center brainstorming issues with our partners from the Colorado Nonprofit Association, Colorado Nonprofit Development Center, Community Resource Center, Metro Volunteers and other organizations from throughout the state. Gessler initially met with foundation leaders to ask the same question: What’s the biggest issue nonprofits face?

The answer seemed like an obvious one (funding), but it wasn’t. Over and over, nonprofits said that building a strong and effective board of directors continued to rank highest among their biggest challenges.

The Secretary of State’s office and a group of volunteers from various nonprofits set out to find a solution that could help address the issue. They came up with a five-part online learning series focused on training nonprofit board members.

With the final module just completed, the entire series is now available to the public, for free. It’s easy to use, too. So far, 5,400 unique visitors have checked it out. You can find it here.